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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is this service spam free?
A YES! All members have agreed to receive emails from other members as a pre-condition of their signup. Our services or 100% can spam act compliant and are double opt-in verified.
Q What happens if I want to cancel my membership for a month or so?
A If the membership is full you will need to wait for the next available spot to open up. This may not happen for months.
Q Do my emails go to members contact addresses?
A YES! Your email offers go direct to members contact signup addresses. A good percentage of these are gmail addresses.
Q Do you offer refunds on this service?
A NO! Since we cannot control the copy in the ads you send we also cannot control results. Results are directly related to how compelling your copy is, how much demand there is for your product and service, whether your webiste loads fast or so, is easy to navigate and has a strong call to action. We simply provide an effective way for you to reach others, it is your task to do the selling.

We can change the way your story ends

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